Friday, April 20, 2007

Cold Sore Cure

What is the best way to cure cold sore? Cold sore or fever blister are caused by the herpes simplex type I virus, and once you are infected with it, the virus stays with you forever. Though the virus stays dormant in the nerve cells on your body most of the time, certain things can cause an outbreak.

Cold sore is contagious. It can spread by direct contact such as a kiss, oral sex, or through contact with infected towel, toothbrush, food utensils, and any other shared things even you can spread that to your own body such as eye and genital with direct contact.

There are choices for cold sore cure:

- You can use cold sore ‘over the counter’ (OTC) medication, using a low dose of lidocaine and moisture like aloe vera cream, vitamin E cream to help prevent cracking, they can relief your cold sore symptom like itchy or pain temporary, but no cure the virus completely or decrease recurrence of cold sores.

- Prescription medications from your doctor, he may recommend you to take the antiviral medicines. It would costly and antiviral medicine are not suitable for everbody also risk negative side effect. Antiviral medicines work best if you effective take it when you think the virus is just starting to come back, before you see the blister. Antiviral medicines are probably the most effective cold sore cure to stopping the virus while using the medication, but after you stopped the treatment, they do not prevent recurrence.

- Natural home remedies is the best cure for cold sore because they can relieve the symptoms, reduce rate of recurrent outbreaks, and no dangerous side effects and improve your immune system. Some of natural home remedies are :

=> lemon balm has effect as antiviral, use lemon balm cream to your cold sore cure.

=> dabbed Tea Tree Oil with cotton ball on the cold sore area or where you suspect the sores are about to develop. Tea tree oil effect as antiviral.

=> Echinacea is active as antiviral.

=> Tannic acid in the tea has effect as antiviral, dabbed a tea bag for five to ten minutes when the cold sores suspect to start.

=> And much more natural home remedies solution….

Natural home remedies have proven to be effective to cold sore cure and help reduce reoccurrence by improve your immune system. The complete treatment solution to cold sore is using natural home remedies. So the best way to deal with cold sore is choice the effective cold sore cure for you, so you do not just masking the symptom.

Author : Danish Adrian

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